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I have discovered it is really hard to be Queen in a household with 3 princesses! Somebody is always borrowing my tiara! Well in between hunting my stuff down I am the proclaimed Queen in the Land of fluff (where my husband swears one day that he will die from glitter lung (you get the picture!) Besides that I am a dieting, exercising, crafting, biblestudying kind of girl.
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I see quotes all the time on line,  that read things like
"Choose Progress over Perfection"

What does that Even mean?  What does that mean to you?  What does that mean to me?  

I am a woman who has been raised with Martha Stewart on TV telling me that I should assemble, cook, decorate, and entertain to such a high level that she can only accomplish with a staff.  Last I looked I looked I do not have a staff.  We have celebrities and models on the cover of magazines that have been airbrushed to perfection.  Real life is not airbrushed.  

Real life is messy!! It consists: of oversleeping, having cranky kids some days, multiple texts and phone calls, job expectations, the school wanting you to sign EVERY paperwork your kids has done for a school day, on time for practices, dinner made, and lunch made with "whole food" not full of yucky ingredients, while trying to stay calm, polite, looking good, working on your marriage, staying sexy for your spouse, raising responsible kids, focus on their heart trying to share your values and beliefs, the dog running out of the back yard,  the gas meter in your car running almost empty on the day that you are running late, and of course it's raining to!  In real life you get tired, you get sleepy, their are not enough minutes in the day for us to accomplish all the things that the media is busy trying to tell us that we should accomplish or be.  

SO I reject perfection.  It's not attainable.  It's not reality.  I choose to strive to simple progress.  The dictionary defines progress: as a movement toward a goal or to a further or higher stage.
So that is my focus, to move forward.  It sounds simple to all the bumps in the road happen, until something unexpected blindsides you, knocks you off your feet.  How do we accomplish perfection?  We don't.  WE CAN'T!  It is not realistic.  However, we can move forward, trusting God that He will use our best efforts to accomplish His will.  That our best efforts will be enough, because He is in control.  

So today, just make the effort of moving forward with me today.  Not striving for perfect, but moving forward.  Being better than you were yesterday.  Maybe letting the car in front of you in,  maybe taking a deep breath and being more kind to the person that really gets under your skin, taking time to pause and read the Bible, or focusing on just one bible verse today.  Then turning it all over to our God who is control and just keep moving.  

I hope that you find this encouraging!  You are not alone!  Being a women can be hard,  we are not perfect so please do not buy into the lie that anyone is but God.  Let's just strive to keep moving forward and being changed by His word and doing better than we did the day before. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

"Sleep is a daily reminder from God that we are not God"
                                                      -John Piper

What reminds you that you are not God?

   I find looking at the sky, seeing all those tiny stars at night, or during the day time watching all those fluffy, billow clouds float by reminds me, that I am not God.  I am not the creator of the world.  I could never just "speak" the world into being.  (some days I can not even "speak" my kids into action).

When I look at the sky it reminds me that I am small, and that there is a God who did just "speak" the world into being.  That He is in control, so I need not to panic, freak out, or try so hard to be in control.  God has got this.  I am in His hands.  I find that, is such a comforting thought.  I drink another drink of my coffee and set back, and take in the view and admire all that God has made.

I hope that something reminds you daily that you are not God!           

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A new way to do biblestudy

I have not blogged in Forever.  I think Instagram may have killed my blog, or at least tried.  I wanted to write about a blog that has changed my life.   Have you heard of the website: "shereadstruth.com"  It is a website that offers different biblestudies for free.  It's unique that it allows several online communities to form.  One group follows them exclusively on-line and leave comments under each post, the other community follows along on Facebook, and the community that I belong to connects through Instagram.  We post pictures of our screen shot, or of our bible/notebook/coffee. We try to post everyday, it allows us to follow one another, pray for one another, and encourage one another.  I have found this such a supportive community especially with entering the work force again after being home for about 16 years.  I no longer had the time during the day to attend bible study and my kids were older and involved in school activities that were in the evening that I wanted to attend.

However, I needed the accountability that comes with doing a bible study with others.  This online community "Shereadstruth" met this need.  If you are on Instagram or on twitter look for the hashtag #shereadstruth.  They have also released this week an app in the Apple store for an app that would allow you to download the biblestudies and have access to it on your phone.

This site has kept me involved in reading and studying God's word, also with the ability to not have to buy a $20 biblestudy book each time.  If you have not checked it out, I would encourage you to do so.  Also, one of the things I enjoy about the online community is that it brings together women of all ages, in all stages of life: college girls, career oriented young woman, new moms, moms with their hands full, older moms, grandmothers.  It's a great way to connect with other believers.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How often do you get a check up

How are you doing?  It’s February and how often do you stop, pause and give yourself a check up?  Not a “medical” check up, even though those are important.  However, a life check up or evaluation of how you are doing in the following areas:

As a wife?
As a mother?
As a daughter?
As a friend?
As a christian?
Sharing your beliefs with others?
Loving difficult people?
How or what your doing with the time, God has given to you?

How do you evaluate yourself?  Do you ask others, or do a self examination of your life and choices? 

I have been thinking on this a lot lately, when I heard a pro football player talking about what he does in his off season, is that he evaluates himself in similar areas.  It got me to thinking when my off season is.  How often should I pause and look at how I am doing?  I know at work, we have a monthly meeting just checking on how we are doing, and if we are meeting our goals.  Shouldn’t my life require such scrutiny, and attention?  After all, I only get 1 time at this thing called life.  Should I not take it seriously and see how I am doing? I think so. I am unsure how I am going to proceed with this.  I may ask my kids and my spouse? And then take a look at where my money is being spent, and where my time and attention is given.  Then grade myself, sort of a report card for how I’m doing this year.

I will post my report card later this week.  I would love to hear how other ladies evaluate themselves or how often they pause and reflect.  Please share if you have any insights I would love to hear how anyone else does this!

Comments and opinions are encouraged and wanted!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Words: machine guns or building blocks

WORDS, They are so powerful.  They are as deadly as any weapon made by man.  They can stick in your mind like they were super glued there.  Yet as dangerous as WORDS can be they can also be encouraging, they can build you up, and motivate a country with them.

Yet, how often do we speak before we think?  To drive a car or own a gun you have to have a license.  I do support free speech.  However,  I think we don't stop and think of the weight our words will carry.  We don't pause enough to select with care the right words to say, we often just open our mouths & talk.

This week my heart has been heavy with careless words spoken to my daughter from another student.  The girl told my redheaded daughter "that she did not like gingers." As well, as calling her "fat cheeks".  Deep sigh.  I struggle with a heavy heart, praying taking it to God.  Trying to choose my words carefully when talking to my daughter about this matter. As well, who & what I say to the staff at my daughter's school.

This lesson, I seem to be reminded of every few years while raising daughter's.  We live in sometimes a cruel world, where words are often spoken and thrown at each other like darts.

I wonder if we would speak more carefully if we could visually see the marks our words inflict on another?  Hum, I think it might just make us pause.  I wonder why God made us this way?  Maybe he knew we would struggle with this so much, that the damage would be so great that our flesh simply could not handle such a thing.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014: GRACE

  I started a few years back praying about a word that God had laid upon my heart to pray about, watch for,and listen to Him"about".  I have been so very surprised year, after year on what God has taught me regarding what seemed in January such a little word (that I really thought I knew all about or where He would lead me).  Well I come to this January older & maybe a little wiser.  I know now:
1.  I know nothing
2.  He may lead me anywhere
3.  I am so blessed to get to sit at His feet and spend time with Him daily.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

December 1st! And how are you feeling?

So it has begun, we have turned the calendar page and finally have arrived on December 1st.  How does December make you feel: excited, giddy, awestruck, childlike, stressed, overwhelmed, sad, longing, desperate?

I will tell you a secret, Christmas season has made me feel all of the above.  I have seen Christmas through the eyes of a child, I have celebrated Christmas with a heart that has missed a loved one who is no longer with us, I have gone through the season worried about how I was going to purchase or have time to make gifts, I have felt stressed trying to do it all, trying to do everything.  Well let me tell what I have learned.

1)  Martha Stewart is not still married, & I have never seen an interview done with her & a best friend.   No one relates to perfect and perfect appears to be lonely.

2) Do you remember every gift you received last year?  How about the year before?  It's not all about the gifts.

3)  Honor those who have passed, by being "here now" with those you love
And care about

4)  Focus on why we really celebrate Christmas!  Set time aside to read the scripture, choose to listen to Christian Christmas music, and keep your that in mind when choosing how to decorate your space.

5) Take control of your schedule, plan ahead and make sure you do the things you & your family enjoy doing.  Put it on the calendar, & learn to tell other people "no, we already have plans".

6)  I polled my kids & found out what traditions were important to them & and what to let go of.  DON'T Over schedule you or your family.  Plan in downtime

7)  find a great bible study or book that focuses on the real reason we do Christmas (examples:  shereadstruth.com or Ann Voskamp, & Liz Curtis Higgs has new Christmas books out)  keep your thoughts centered on that! (And I  fast forward through commercial's on TV this time of year.  They can sabotage my sense of contentment)

Hope you enjoy celebrating Advent this December!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How do you show love?

       How do you show love?  Some people we know how to show love to. Our kids, our husbands, our parents they are the easiest to show love to and we have had the most experience at giving them love.  However, how do you show love to a neighbor, a co-worker, a judgemental in-law, the cranky mom you bump into at your kids practice?

   I believe Love is a verb, an action.  So how do you show love?  I think reading the book "the five love language" helped me not only to understand how I receive love but also understand better how others receive love.  

    A thoughtful gesture of bringing baked goods, sending a card or letter, works for some but so does the gift of having a listening ear, giving a hug to a widow, to letting someone go first in line ahead of you. Offering the gift of forgiveness, or the gift of friendship. 

Sometimes love is just showing up for someone else.  Even if you have nothing really in common.  Has someone surprised you with a gift of love or have you worked on giving someone else love even if they were unlovable?  


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